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Center for Grafting and Hair Treatment, Beard and Eyebrow in Tijuana

Capilea is a Hair Graft and Treatment Center with more than 20 years of experience and presence in different countries such as Argentina, Ecuador, Uruguay, Bolivia, Chile and El Salvador
We have a great team of professionals in hair recovery and medical instruments of the highest technology. Each case is studied in a personalized way and a complete examination of each patient is carried out.
We carry out hair micrografting with the most modern techniques on the market, as well as effective treatments with clinically proven products.


The hair microtransplant technique consists of extracting the hair follicles from the posterior region of the head (donor area) and microimplanting them one by one (hair by hair) in the missing region (recipient area).

Frequent questions

The recovery of a hair graft goes according to the number of follicles grafted since the same day of your procedure you can withdraw on your own foot and carry out your activities the next day normally.

The results are totally natural, personalized and permanent.

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From the age of 25 of the patient.

No, the process is not painful since local anesthesia is applied to the area to be treated.

New hair takes approximately 4 to 6 months to come out permanently, naturally and permanently.

While the appreciation of value is given by the importance that one gives to aesthetics, the treatment is quite accessible to most people. For more information we recommend this article HAIR GRAFT How much does it cost in Mexico?

Hair Therapies

They are specialized treatments that range from stimulation based on massage techniques, combined with specifically developed appliances to the application of nutrients to the scalp to reach the follicle directly.

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Clinical cases

Hair Microtransplant – Hair Gymnastics – Stimulation Treatment

Graft Capillary

hair graft

Graft of eyebrows

eyebrow hair transplant

Graft by Barba

beard graft

We have 20 years of experience!

Dr. Armando Pérez Carreño

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Dr. Héctor Treviño

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