Our team

Capilea is made up of a group of dedicated and passionate professionals in what they do.
We know that hair is an essential part of our appearance and, at the same time, of the self-confidence which we face life with. That is why we are convinced that, by restoring a person's hair, we help them regain their confidence, self-esteem, and even happiness. These are the members of this great team.

Dr. Héctor Treviño

Capilea Tijuana's medical director
He is a doctor with a degree in general medicine from Universidad Autonoma de Nuevo León and later traveled to Argentina to specialize in hair restoration.
The main reason for his jorney into the area of hair restoration is due to his personal experience suffering from alopecia at an early age. After trying to solve hair loss with shampoos and multiple products with no avail, he decided to perform a hair graft.
The results were remarkably effective, which is why he decided to specialize in this field of medicine and thus change the lives of more people who are going through a similar situation. He has treated nearly 3,000 patients and is currently certified by the Ibero-Latin American Society for Hair Transplantation and the Argentine Association for Hair Restoration.

Juan Camilo Ramirez

The Executive Director of Capilea Tijuana.
Like Dr. Héctor, he decided to venture into the area of hair restoration due to his personal experience when performing a hair graft with great success, that is how he decided to share his experience and bring it to more people.
He has extensive experience in the administration of companies related to the medical area. His passion and dedication in what he does has led him to learn more and more about this area of medicine and in close collaboration with Dr. Héctor Treviño he has managed to position Capilea as one of the main hair medical centers in Mexico.

We have 25 years of experience!